> Introducing Our Department

Introducing Our Department

Our aim is to provide the latest and finest level of clinical work, experimental work, and educational work.

Experimental work
Our department consists of three major sub-divisions.  One is the cerebrovascular disease team.  This team has reported many important scientific result regarding the ischemic brain disease and currently undergoing clinical trial using bone marrow stem cell as a cell therapy for ischemic stroke (RAINBOW project).  One is the Spinal/functional  disease team which has been focusing on the treatment of spinal rare disease such as spinal arteriovenous malformation and also conducting an experiment about spinal cord injury and stem cell transplantation.  Brain tumor team is a opinion leader at the forefront of our times.  They are focusing on the relationship between brain tumor and gene.  Basic research for chemo-resistant tumor and use of photodynamic therapy, and research for molecular marker are also their biggest topics.

Clinical Work
We have been providing one of the highest level of neurosurgical practice in this nation.  We have especially skilled in treating Moyamoya disease, pediatric brain tumor, skull base tumor, spinal tumor, and spinal arteriovenous disease.

Educational Work
We are providing state-of-art residency programm for younger neurosurgeons.  Subspeciality program is also available for fellows.  Teaching med-students is also our high priority work.